Home Behind the scenes Another “200 mph” hat to the collection! :-)

Another “200 mph” hat to the collection! :-)

by Eva Hakansson

Posted June 30, 2019.

Few things are as iconic for the Bonneville Salt Flats as the “200 mph Club” hat, also known as the “Red hat”. The only thing giving more respect during the salt flats race weeks is the blue “300 mph Club” hat, and the incredibly elusive black “400 mph Club” hat.

It is less known that the Dry Lake Racers of Australia (DLRA) also awards red hats, and I just received one for my collection thanks to my 216.199 mph record I set in March this year!

My new co-pilot Dolly L. Gairdner (purebred NZ Merino sheep) was along for the ride, so I better make her a red hat as well. My old co-pilot Bonnie S. Flats (kangaroo) has had her’s since long. Three fast girls! Just need to get #GreenEnvy on the wheels so I can upgrade to a 300 mph hat one day… 

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