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What is Green Envy?

by Eva Hakansson

“Green Envy” is an electric streamliner motorcycle, and it is being built to become the world’s fastest motorcycle. Period! Green Envy is the successor of the KillaJoule, which is currently the world’s fastest electric motorcycle at 270mph (434 km/h). Just like the KillaJoule, Green Envy it is being built by me (Eva Hakansson), my husband Bill Dubé, and a team of volunteers. Bill and I are both mechanical engineers; I have a PhD in mechanical engineering, while Bill has a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and a PhD in Applied Physics. We love to build things that have never been built before! You can read the whole story about me, including how I met Bill here.

Eva Hakansson and Bill Dube with the now retired KillaJoule, at Lake Gairdner Salt Flats, Australia, 2019.

Green Envy will be a battery-powered, streamliner, sidecar motorcycle and it will look very much like the KillaJoule. However, there will be some major differences. First off, Green Envy will – of course – be green instead of red. It will also have more than twice the power, the target is over 1000 horsepower (preferably 1 megawatt = 1360 HP). It will be built with the goal to be the world’s fastest motorcycle. Period.* In order to fit the larger drivetrain, the Green Envy will be about 3 ft (1 m ) longer than the KillaJoule, which means about 22 ft or 6.5 m. The cross-sectional area will stay the same, and the aerodynamics will be improved. There will also be a lot of subtle changes improving performance, handling, and reliability. Or simply speaking, we will learn from all the mistakes we made building the KillaJoule. 😉

The Green Envy will be constructed in New Zealand, and will be raced at the salt flats in Australia in 2020. The reason it won’t be built in the USA like KillaJoule, is that I teach engineering design at the University of Auckland, New Zealand these day. Because the Green Envy will be built by me and Bill, it will be built where we are, which will be New Zealand.

The Green Envy is currently being built, but the design isn’t fully finalized, so if you are a prospective sponsor contact me for more info to get your component into this piece of history! There are also other ways of getting your name into the history books: click here to get your name on the Green Envy! 

* As of July 2017, the overall motorcycle record is 376 mph (605 km/h), held by Ack Attack and Rocky Robinson.

We are changing color – from red to green! After 9years on the race track, the KillaJoule is now retired! It is simply too slow and too old. Its successor the “Green Envy” will be built in 2019 and raced in 2020.


Preliminary data, Green Envy:


Power: 1 megawatt (~1300 HP). [3 times more than in the KillaJoule]

Motors: AC. Maximum 4 motors and 4 controllers. Maximum practical diameter ~500 mm, maximum practical length ~320 mm. Range of maximum RPM allowing for single reduction final drive: 3000 to 12,000 RPM. (At 400 mph, the wheel rpm is ~5000).

Battery voltage: ~400 V [Same as the KillaJoule].

Battery capacity: 15-25 kWh (re-using both the battery pack from the KillaJoule would give 20 kWh)

Battery chemistry: Lithium-ion-iron-phosphate very much preferred. [Same as the KillaJoule]


Frame: Chrome-moly steel tubes, TIG welded. [Same as the KillaJoule]

Bodywork: Combination of aluminum sheet metal (for single curved surfaces) and 3D printed and/or composite parts (for complex curved surfaces). [Similar to the KillaJoule, but more 3D printed parts expected].

Wheels: Non-pnematic wheels, currently under development. Goodyear pneumatic LSR tires as Plan B and for initial testing.

Front suspension: Springer-style front suspension. [Same as KillaJoule]. Suspension components from Öhlins.

Steering: Side-sticks connected to the springer-style fork. [Same as KillaJoule].

Rear suspension: Stereo suspension.


Length: ~6.5 m (22 ft). [1 m / 3-4 ft longer than the KillaJoule]

Height: ~1 m (~40 inches) [Similar to the KillaJoule]

Width: ~0.5 m (20 inches) [Same as the KillaJoule]

Weight: Target is to stay under 1000 kg (2200 lbs). [Up to 50 % more than the KillaJoule due to the larger drivetrain].


2019: Construction, in Auckland, New Zealand.

March 2020: First start at Lake Gairdner salt flats, South Australia, Australia under the sanctioning of the Dry Lake Racers of Australia. The goal is to make a safe, successful run and keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up. A speed of 200+ mph would be considered a success. Anything higher than that would just be bonus!

August 2020: If time and budget allows, it would be possible to race the Green Envy at Bonneville as well, but that would require very generous sponsors.

March 2021: Back at Lake Gairdner salt flats, Australia. Target: 300+ mph, perhaps even 400+ mph if the planets line up and the angels are singing. (Yes, everything has to work perfectly for this to happen, that’s why it takes so long to prepare).


Do you want your name on the Green Envy?

Yes, you can get your name or logo on the Green Envy. Check out your options here.

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