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Green Envy is not coming to Lake Gairdner Speed Week 😞

by Eva Hakansson

Posted February 27, 2021. If you were hoping to see the Green Envy stretch its wheels at the Dry Lakes Racers Australia Speed Week at Lake Gairdner Salt Flats, Australia, we unfortunately have to make you very disappointed.

Due to the recently imposed Australian travel ban for travelers from New Zealand because of a local outbreak of COVID, Bill and I just can’t make it. We have had multiple flight reservations and have tried to get out of New Zealand for the past week, but with the current restrictions we just can’t make it to the event on time. The Green Envy is already in Australia, but it won’t run without a driver. 😞

This is of course a huge disappointment to us, and I know it is an ever bigger disappointment to our fans and supporters. We did everything we possibly could, and we thought we had a solid plan, but the universe wasn’t on our side. We want to thank our supporters and sponsors, and all the volunteers that have put in countless of hours to make the Green Envy come true. Without your help, this would not have been possible. You can find all the supporters at www.GreenEnvyRacing.com/supporters.

We will bring back the Green Envy to New Zealand, and make it even faster for 2022! It is just a bump in the road in our mission to show that electric power is the way to go. I will of course keep you all posted here. Make sure to follow our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news. 💚💚💚

// Eva & Bill

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