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Speed Week in Australia cancelled due to flooding :-(

by Eva Hakansson

Posted January 27, 2022

Sometimes you win.
Sometimes you lose.
Sometimes it rains.
Sometimes it rains – a lot!

And sometimes record rainfall washes away the track and the access roads, and that’s what just happened at Lake Gairdner in South Australia. ☹️ You can see some incredible photos from the area at Dry Lakes Racers Australia Facebook page – there is no way an event can be held there in a month. The Green Envy has been ready January 2020, and it has yet to put its wheels on the salt! 2020 it was cancelled due to COVID, 2021 we were stuck in New Zealand due to international border closures (and 3 out of 5 days of the event rained out anyway), and 2022 was cancelled due to flooding. I can’t believe it has been three years and we haven’t managed to make a record attempt. Anyway, it is what it is.

Cancelled events always leave such a vaccuum. You just stop in your tracks and look around confused, wondering “what do I do now?” We will see what other options there may be this year. Even if the Green Envy is currently in Australia, it is just a two-week sea voyage to the USA and the Bonneville LSR events in August and September. We are seriously considering going to Bonneville because that would give a chance at several events, and a greater chance of a run in dry weather.

Here is a photo from 2015 when all the events at Bonneville were cancelled due to rain. Photo by Stefan Svensson.

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