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(Not) a Bonneville update :-(

by Eva Hakansson

Posted 19 June, 2022. It starts to feel like déjà vu, but we have bad news again. We had all been looking forward to see the Green Envy finally hit the salt at Bonneville in August, but unfortunately we have to make you all disappointed – we won’t make it this year. 🙁 The Bonneville debut for Green Envy will happen in 2023 instead.

The Green Envy is still in Australia, and we have tried to get it to the USA since April, but it hasn’t moved a meter yet. International shipping is a complete mess this year – far worse than last year – and love or money haven’t been able to get you onto a ship. Despite at least a dozen people around working really really hard to help us – both shipping agents and people at shipping lines – the timing just hasn’t worked out. Even with the first available sailing that we could get our “Shipper Owned Container” on, we would miss the Test-n-Tune in July, and any minor hiccup could easily make us miss the entire season. With the current port congestions, the odds are simply not good. There are also additional hurdles in the paperwork associated with international transports that can easily get delayed.

Instead, we have decided to keep the Green Envy in Australia for the March 2023 DLRA Speed Week. We know we will make it there on time. 🙂 We will then plan for Bonneville in 2023. That will give us plenty of time to carefully plan it, and hopefully shipping will be back to somewhat normal next year.

I know it is super disappointing for all of you, but we are really trying our very best. The planets just haven’t lined up for us these past years. 🙁

The Green Envy is currently in Melbourne, because we expected it to sail out of Port Melbourne. We would like to do some testing at a 1/4 mile dragstrip or similar later this year. Any suggestions or contacts in the area would be much appreciated.

// Eva & Bill and the Green Envy Team

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