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The Team

by Eva Hakansson

The Green Envy record-breaking electric streamliner is completely a volunteer effort! I am leading the effort together with my husband Bill Dube, who is also a mechanical engineer (you can read our story here).

Our land speed record effort started in 2010, and our first streamliner “KillaJoule” was recently retired and is now being replaced by the Green Envy. KillaJoule’s last race was at the Lake Gairdner salt flats in Australia, where it set a new Australian record for electric motorcycles at 216.199 mph (347 km/h). The volunteer crew on the photo above made it possible: (from left to right) Amy Elliott (USA), Sam Elliott (USA), Kel Grayson (Australia), and Steve Lovell (New Zealand). All the way to the right is Bill, and I am of course the one dressed in green. The volunteer crew paid their own way to the event, and worked their butts off in 48 degree C (118 deg F) heat! They are absolutely incredible.

In addition to Amy, Sam, Kel, and Steve, a large number of people help out behind the scenes. You will find the listed on the Supporters page. I also had a group of 6 very talented 4th year mechanical and mechatronics engineering students from the University of Auckland doing their final year projects (senior design projects) related to Green Envy’s wheels, suspension, and aerodynamics in 2019. A lot of their findings were used in the design of the Green Envy.

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