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Green Envy at the Salt Flats (almost….)

by Eva Hakansson

Posted 15 April, 2020.

A little bit of trickery – but less than you think!
Yes, that is the Green Envy.
Yes, that is me (I clean up pretty well, believe it or not).
Yes, I am standing on the nose (there is only one place one can stand, and that is right on top of the mount).
Yes, that background in Lake Gairdner salt flats, Australia.
No, the Green Envy never made it to Lake Gairdner.

So, what’s the trick? We shot the photo in an industrial parking lot in Adelaide, and I made a composite photo in Affinity Photo software using a photo of the KillaJoule from last year (the shadow is actually from the KillaJoule). 

Here are two other versions of the same photo. 🙂

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