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Racing is officially cancelled! :-(

by Eva Hakansson

Posted 16 March, 2020.

Sometimes you win.
Sometimes you lose.
Sometimes it rains.
Sometimes there is a pandemic……

The Speed Week at Lake Gairdner, Australia is officially cancelled. The organizers exhausted every possibility, but this was really “death by a thousand cuts”. Many compounding factors finally made it impossible to hold the event. You can read it all in the official press release at Dry Lakes Racers Australia.

Also, it is important to put this into perspective. We live for this and it is very important to us, but the reality is that a pandemic is threatening people’s lives, and that is certainly a whole lot more important than racing.

The Green Envy team want to take our hat off to the organizers for the event. The DRLA organizing committee has done a fantastic job and worked around the clock the past week. The decision to cancel wasn’t easy, but the right decision. This has truly been completely outside their control.

Thank you all again! This may be an unexpected bump in the road, but our mission to promote electric vehicles and increase the interest for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths will continue). Stay safe and stay tuned on facebook.com/EvaHakanssonRacing, we will keep you updated.

Cover photo by Stefan Svensson, Bonneville Salt Flats 2015, when all racing was cancelled due to rain.


Thanks to the magic of photo editing software, we can almost believe that the Green Envy made it to Lake Gairdner. The photo below was shot outside the warehouse where the container is stored, and it was laid on top of a photo from Lake Gairdner last year.

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